Email Deliverability

With 99% email deliverability* no one does it better than Campayn. Here's why:

* Scored independently by Return Path, a third-party company.

Email Deliverability

Permission Is Key

At Campayn, we believe strongly in permission-based email marketing. Because a "spam-free zone" is crucial to achieving top email deliverability, we've created more than just an anti-spam policy. We foster an anti-spam culture with built-in consent tracking forms for countries with strict anti-spam laws.

Nurturing ISP Relationships

Our email deliverability experts work around the clock to make sure your emails get delivered to your customers' inboxes. Since 2011, Campayn has nurtured a close relationship with all major internet service providers (ISPs) to help ensure successful deliveries.

Automatic List Hygiene

Campayn takes a clean-as-you-go approach to keeping your contact list tidy and spam-resistant. By automatically processing unsubscribes and bounces, we help improve your deliverability rate and ensure that you comply with strict CAN SPAM and CASL requirements.

Email Marketing Integrity

In keeping with our commitment to best practices in high-quality email marketing, Campayn tracks complaints and unsubscribes by participating in feedback loops and whitelisting for all major ISPs. We immediately remove subscribers on your list who report your emails as spam to help ensure your emails maintain optimal deliverability.