Sending Email Newsletters

Connect with customers and grow your business with our intuitive design tools that make sending newsletters easy.

The simplest way
to send amazing


Campayn offers quick, easy design tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs that don't have a marketing department but want to look like they do.

Build stronger
relationships with

Follow up emails

Autoresponders keep you connected to subscribers while you focus on other business. It's quick and easy to build and schedule one or a series of automated emails like welcome, birthday, or tutorial messages.

Target your
message with


Target your content to the right people at the right time so you get the best results. Our segmentation and personalization tools help focus your efforts where they count most.

Add a personal
touch with

Merge Fields

Personalize each email with merge fields to show subscribers you care. Use merge tags for contact information like their name or any custom field you choose.


Campayn email templates are rigorously tested by our team on dozens of email clients to make sure they look great once they hit your recipients' inboxes.

Spam Testing

Bypassing spam filters to successfully deliver your email into your recipients' inbox requires more than a great email service provider. Your content plays an important role. We'll scan your email content and share tips to help it pass through spam filters and firewalls.

Email Delivery

You've worked hard on your email message. Campayn works equally hard to make sure it reaches your contacts. We lead the industry in top email delivery success rates. We've accomplished this by adding built-in compliance tools to our templates, carefully monitoring the types of emails our clients send, and maintaining strong industry relationships.

Campayn Score

Deliverability matters. Your Campayn Score gauges your success in getting your emails delivered to your recipients' inboxes and groups you in a category based on that score. The better your score the better your deliverability.