PA GOP on the brink of history
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​January 29, 2015

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As the Pennsylvania GOP prepares to make its endorsements for Supreme Court candidates this weekend, their decision could have significant historical impact. If Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen (R), is among their choices, it would be the first time in Pennsylvania history that PA Republican leadership will have backed an African American for a seat on the state’s highest court.

Three African Americans served on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court previously, but each was appointed by the Democratic party. If successful, Judge Allen would become the first black woman elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


“To be very honest, I don’t hope to be remembered as black, white, first or last,” said Allen.

“I’ve spent 24 years working diligently to be recognized as a voice of unwavering integrity on the bench -- something our wounded Supreme Court desperately needs. If the party were to select me on that basis, it would be a tremendous honor.”

Judge Allen’s attempt to deflect recognition for historical milestones is consistent with her 2007 judicial election, during which she quietly became the first black woman elected to the Superior Court, and at the same time the first black Republican to win statewide election in Pennsylvania. But back then, the judge won without the GOP endorsement. This time, however, could be a game changer -- both for the Supreme Court and the Republican Party.  

One of only two Republican candidates who received the Bar Association's Highest Recommendation for elevation to the Supreme Court (the results of which were issued just yesterday), Judge Allen is one of the most highly respected individuals on the Pennsylvania Judiciary. 

If you'd like to know more about Team Allen's historic effort to give the Supreme Court a voice of integrity, please click here


Carolyn Conner | Director of Field Operations
Judge Cheryl Allen for Supreme Court