35th Anniversary & FA Teacher Appreciation Banquet!
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35 Years Together!

Last Monday we celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary!!  I am thankful to the Lord for giving me such a beautiful, dear and loving wife for these 35 years!  Also, grateful for her devotion to our children and grandsons, plus wisdom from her personal study of God's Word.  I have benefited much from her gifting from God as a complement to me in so many ways!  I love this woman! 

Our anniversary always seems to fall at a time of great turmoil on the calendar...finals, moving again, a surgery this time...but we will get time away again and soon.  We did get a chance to go to our favorite Greek restaurant and a movie at Eastwood Mall! We are grateful to the Lord in any and all circumstances and for our relationship being strong through it all.  Thank you Lord for her life, help and godly influence on me and others!  




Cataract Surgery Coming Up!

I would appreciate your prayers as for the next two Tuesday mornings (May 22nd & 29th) I will undergo cataract surgery.  The eye specialists who solved Kaitlyn's eye problem in 2013 & 2014 and saved her eyesight will perform my surgery at The Medical City in Metro Manila.

We've known that this was coming as Dr. Salud told me we need to watch my cataracts back in 2013. Yet, we thought I had  a couple more years to go.  A check up in January showed that there was a marked change in the cataracts and adjustments with glasses were no longer possible. 

I'm excited in one sense as I've worn corrective eyeglasses since I was twelve when it was discovered that all the errors I was committing in baseball as a shortstop were due to a change in my eyes...not my abilities. 

The technology has improved so much, even as recent as 2008, that they will be able to correct my heavy astigmatism as well.  Kim has already bought me a nice pair of sunglasses to wear everywhere I go in the land of the sun! (AKA: The Philippine Islands!)  Thanks for praying!




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EBC Preachers' Coalition

I am very grateful for time spent two Monday evenings ago with Pastors Roi Cruz and Vincent Castillo (the other preachers could not make it). We spent time talking through details of our upcoming EBC Workers Enrichment Fellowship for May 25th & 26th.

The focus will be on discipleship and I will present messages of "The Sufficiency of Scripture in Discipleship" (Friday evening) and "Constructing a Framework in Discipleship" (Saturday morning). In addition, there will be a Q&A time between the pastors and those serving in various ministry roles, as well as a fellowship time over dinner and lunch. 

Pray for the EBC Workers Enrichment Fellowship to be of great benefit to all.  Pray too that our balikbayan box will arrive soon as it is still in transit, though it was scheduled to arrive last Sunday.  Thanks for praying!
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Faith Academy Teacher Appreciation Banquet

The 2017-18 year-end Faith Academy Teacher Appreciation Banquet was held last weekend.  We are pictured above with our good missionary friends Sean and Jessica Ransom (Jessica is head of Faith's HR department - a huge job!). 

Kim received an appreciation certificate for 5 years of service at Faith Academy. None of the missionaries who  serve at Faith Academy are paid.  All willingly serve in this vital ministry to missionary families.  I know of only one other MK school in the world which still functions using unpaid missionary volunteers to staff their school and serve the Lord in this vital ministry! 

Faith Academy also serves as an evangelistic outreach to those students who are not from missionary families, even while it meets their needs of a solid private Christian school education.  Such a commitment to this kind of ministry is truly a miracle of God and accomplished only through a constant focus of faith on the Lord as our Provider.

I couldn‘t be more proud of my lady as she inherited a very fragmented group of students upon our return to Manila last year.  She has worked very hard to get them into shape as true math students. Some have become so and have made great strides. Many are now coming to the realization of what it will take to become a good student of math. 

HS Principal Jon Barlow presented Kim with her service certificate, saying that although Kim is on the books as part-time, this is actually not true as she is working full-time with lots of tutoring time on top of that. 

I can attest to that.  Many times in a week Kim does not go to bed on the same day that she wakes up due to teaching and tutoring all day, then at home grading homework and tests and preparing for the next day of math challenges!   

Pray for ministry opportunities beyond the numbers and formulas, beyond the grading of homework, creation of lectures, tests and curriculum. Pray for conversations on gospel truths. 

Other pictures from the banquet include Kim and others praying over teachers that are moving on, either homeward bound or to another country. Kim is praying over Andrea Cary (HS Algebra 1) who will serve in another Asian country as a math teacher next year.

There's also a shot here of Kim with fellow teacher Lori French (L) and missionary friend Andrea Miller (R). Kim has taught math to the children of both of these faithful servants. Andrea‘s husband Jason serves as middle school chaplain and Bible class teacher.

The elderly couple sitting in the bottom right of one picture during prayer are Tine & Jan Hardeman.  They received recognition for serving here at Faith Academy for 60 years!!

Tine was Phys. Ed. teacher and basketball coach for many years and has an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness and healing in his life.  His ability to share the gospel with Filipinos from the Catholic Bible is well known.

Jan served as school nurse for many decades.  The Lord has used them mightily over these many years in the lives of many who were and are students here.  There’s such an amazing history in this school and evidence of God’s faithfulness.

When time allowed for it Kim served with Lori French and Linda Gocon as advisor to the junior class. They advised, but also gave them the freedom to lead and learn as student leaders. The last pictures are from the junior/senior banquet that the junior class leaders created as a gift to the graduating class. 

Pray for Kim to have more opportunities to talk with her students about spiritual things. She desires much to get to deeper conversations with these students to discover their real belief system.   Thanks for praying!
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Balikbayan Box is in Transit

Our box full of 22 of each of these books is on its way!  It was scheduled to be delivered last Sunday so we would ask you to be in prayer for its quick arrival to us. 

A huge thank you to all of you who participated in donating these much needed resources as we make discipleship a focal point at Emmanuel Baptist Church and enrich our church workers.  Thanks for praying!
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And Now For Something Completely Different!

"DED ND" - It's a little hard to see with the light, plus a brown sign with dark green letters, but somebody forgot to use spellcheck or to consult the dictionary!  ?  I haven’t driven down that “DED ND” street yet and with a sign like this I probably never will!

Metaphorically speaking, we must not let our lives be a "DED ND", but we must serve Him wherever He places us...could it be the Lord is calling on you to prepare and serve long-term here in the Philippines. 

Faith Academy is recruiting even short-term missionary teachers.  I need short term pastors to teach Filipino pastors through my theological education by extension program!  Medical missions is definitely needed. Discipleship and training of the next generation of church leaders is needed. 

There are so many needs here that clearly the job of missions work in the Philippines has only just begun in our estimation!  We are praying for and recruiting more workers!  Perhaps our prayers are really for you!!




Partnering for a Generational Legacy!

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The missionary kids Kim works with at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines.  

Out of 2 Timothy 2:2 we find a premier passage related to passing the baton of ministry to the next generation... "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 

When you join us in prayer ministry and regular financial partnership, you are investing in a movement of equipping a new generation for Christ and thereby partnering in a legacy for future ministry in the Philippines and beyond. 

We are presently down in support by about 5% of our pledged monthly needs, which is common after arriving to the mission field again even after a long and fruitful furlough.  To invest in this work, simply click the button to go to ABWE's secure online donation page.  There you can arrange automatic monthly support.  All support donations are tax-deductible.

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