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We're officially up and running...

   This summer has been a busy one here at the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida. After earning its accreditation from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA), the team at the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida has begun screening mothers and collecting and pasteurizing donor human milk to be dispensed throughout the state of Florida! As you would expect, getting to this point has taken a lot of time, effort and teamwork  With the help of the donor mothers, volunteers, and a group of generous financial donors, the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida held its grand opening ceremonies on June 11th.
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Over 17,000 Ounces 
of Liquid Gold! 

   Since the official opening of the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida, 17,629 ounces of milk has been donated!  A big thank you to all of our donors. Your selfless contribution is priceless. 
   Of the milk donated, 2,164 ounces have been thawed, cultured, pooled, pasteurized and approved for distribution.  This means it is ready to go out to Central Florida NICUs to benefit tiny babies at risk.
   58 donors have been approved and the list continues to grow.  If you are healthy, have more milk than your baby needs and at least 100 ounces to donate, please contact us at (407)248-5050 or click on "Learn About Donating" for more information. 


FUNdraise with the
Milk Bank on August 11th!  

   On August 11th, the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida will be holding a fundraiser at the BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Oviedo. All you have to do is bring in the attached flyer and and BJ's will donate 15% of food and non-alcoholic drink sales to the Mothers' Milk Bank. 

   If you can't make it on the August 11th, don't fret because the Mothers' Milk Bank will be hosting another fundraiser! On November 21st, at the UCF Burger 21 location, 10% of every purchase will be donated to us, with no flyer needed. 

   Be sure to mark your calendars! 

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Thank you Dr. Phung for all of your support throughout the years and your dedication in helping to establish the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida. We will miss you.

-Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida

Mission: The mission of the Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida is to promote health and healing by collecting, processing, and distributing donor human milk by physician prescription, using the guidelines from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. 

Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization and is a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). 
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