Urgent We need your help! A life depends on it
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Mark Walden Needs our help! 
​Will you answer the call?

As many of you know, one of our beloved members Mark Walden has been battling a chronic form of leukaemia known as Primary Myelofibrosis (PM)  for a number of years. Mark is part of the family at the Vintage Conservatory and is one of the smiling faces we look forward to seeing. Mark has lived his life thus far by giving much more than he takes and we want to do all we can to help.
Since January 24th he has been in and out of the hospital suffering from constant pain. The doctors have confirmed this has accelerated to full blown acute leukaemia. 
You Can Help His Battle
Within the next couple of weeks Mark will be admitted to Princess Margaret's Cancer Care Centre to begin an aggressive form of chemotherapy. Once this treatment is complete they will want to complete a bone marrow transplant, which is the only way to save his life.
We are reaching out to all of you today to ask for your help in finding someone who is a match. Mark has been on the donor list since his early days as a young infantry officer. We are now asking for you to get tested yourselves and reach out to others to do the same. 
Please Spread the Word
The Canadian Blood Services has a department dedicated to those wishing to donate to this cause. We hope this will help Mark find a match that much faster. 
If you are between 17 and 35, or know somebody well in this age bracket, please consider sending / requesting that they send your / their DNA to Canadian Blood Services. They will call you if you are a match. It’s easy, it’s free. It’s a swab they send you in the mail and you send it back. Everything you need to know you can find by clicking the link below and there will be equivalent sites in the other Provinces, U.S. and Europe.  

Click Here to Get Tested

Thank you!

It is with your support and cooperation that we will continue to provide a private yet welcoming experience for all members and their guests, on each visit. 

1) Know your limits and enjoy responsibly.
2) Clean up after each visit.
3) Stay quiet on Lombard.

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