This is a nuclear-scale spiritual catastrophe…
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[In case you missed the punch-line of last week’s newsletter…]

There is a slow-motion nuclear-scale spiritual catastrophe happening in homes across America:
• Distracted and stressed out parents
• Kids glued to screens
• Men (and women) trapped in pornographic addictions
• Worldly schools indoctrinating children with every false and destructive idea imaginable
• Social media excesses catalyzing a massive spike in childhood suicide
• Parents spending twice as much time on Netflix than with their children
• Children spending less time outdoors than prison inmates!!!
In response, we’re taking action with the biggest outreach effort in the six-year history of this ministry… We will – by God’s grace (as you financially endow us with a small monthly donation) – hand out 100,000 DVDs as outreach to families and individuals anywhere and everywhere. One Hundred Thousand.

Sound impossible? Good.

That’s exactly the kind of thing the Almighty God specializes in.

It is true that clicking here to type in even a small monthly gift – even out of one’s abundance – does take a work of the Holy Spirit in us because I’m asking you to give financially to bless those whom you will never meet. (Until Heaven, at least.)

Ask the Lord even now for direction – are you willing to put in a monthly recurring gift to empower this continual, perennial outreach effort to bring freedom and eternal joy to those in need of the information and inspiration that our ministry so delights in sharing?

For every $10 of monthly support you give, we will give away one set of powerful, life-changing DVDs as outreach. Media on the Brain, Raising the Remnant, Schooled, etc. – the seminars that leave maximum impact for the kingdom of God.
$10 per month = 1 DVD-set per month given away as outreach.
$20 per month = 2 DVD-sets per month given away as outreach.
$30 per month = 3 DVD-sets per month given away as outreach.

…and so on.

You know even better than I do that by God’s grace alone...

...the Belt of Truth seminars on media, parenting, lust, etc. have born fruit I never imagined I would witness, so I don’t hesitate for a moment to ask for your contribution to put these life-changing seminars in the hands of thousands – Lord willing, reaching our goal of 100,000 DVDs, not to mention lending a hand of needed financial support to this small ministry in the process.

I’m counting on you to take action, and I’m praying already now for the struggling and deceived souls that will be transformed by the light of truth through this continual, monthly outreach effort that begins NOW and will remain as a perennial and powerful arm of the Belt of Truth mission!



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