And the feedback is pretty much… ‘wow’!
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Excitement and anticipation are rising.

Your response to the outreach effort we launched last week blew me away. The enthusiasm is irrepressibly contagious!

And the teachers are probably the most excited of all, because they’ve experienced how much of a blessing this outreach will be! Here’s how one teacher reacted to the idea that 100,000 DVDs will be handed out as outreach to souls in need:
“How wonderful! Your ministry is TRULY a blessing... Those giveaways I graciously received at the NAD Teachers’ Convention are being watched by young families in our church and the feedback is pretty much along the lines of...'wow!'”


I’m thrilled to report that the financial support for the outreach is pouring in. But that steady stream needs to become a veritable flash flood in order for us to reach the goal of 100,000 DVDs handed out as outreach.

Many of you chipping in small monthly donations is our appeal. And your small monthly gift is nothing short of crucial. Essential. Vital. Indispensable. We can’t do it without each individual playing their small part; but we WILL do it by God’s grace with your help.

But my few dollars per month is just a trickle”… might feel like you’re insignificant rather than indispensable. But don’t forget – a flood is nothing more than the sum total of hundreds of trickles!

I’m convinced we have the cream of the kingdom who subscribe to this email newsletter. I count it an honor and joy to serve alongside you all. Select your monthly donation amount HERE and trust that the seeds sown will, by God’s power, produce a harvest or righteousness!
$10 per month = 1 DVD-set per month given away as outreach.
$20 per month = 2 DVD-sets per month given away as outreach.
$30 per month = 3 DVD-sets per month given away as outreach.



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