Walk Thru the Pentateuch; Discipling Students with The Pilgrim's Progress
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Walking Thru the Pentateuch with EBC Men's League!

I am truly excited to be preparing power points, lectures and notebooks with materials like that below from the Training Center, International.  I had the joy and privilege of receiving training from this church-based, seminary-style Bible and theology curriculum from our home sending church in 2008 to 2011. 

I have used aspects of this training in all of my seminary classes ever since arriving in 2013.  I have worked and prayed for a day that I might impart to those in the local church what I learned in the Training Center.  That day has finally come!

From now until December 2nd (6 different Sundays total), I will be teaching the Pentateuch to the Emmanuel Baptist Church Men's League!  The focus will be a survey-type of walk through of these OT books, coupled with practical ministry verses found in each.  We will discuss biblical principles found in them with an emphasis on OT pictures of NT truths about the Gospel. 

I believe this is a landmark moment for the men in this church.  They have been diligently working through a video series on biblical manhood for almost 3 years.  It continues to have a good influence among the men of the church.  EBC leadership has agreed that a pause in that series would be good for the men at this time.  Thanks for praying!
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Using a Classic to Disciple Faith Academy Students!

We would appreciate prayer for Kim as she began last Thursday a weekly discipleship with two girls at Faith Academy.  Excitement levels are high as the girls have never really read The Pilgrim's Progress before and Kim has been digging deeply into resources to lead the discussion and study of John Bunyan's classic. 

This is a timeless allegory based heavily on Scripture!  It's impact on the church since it was first published in 1678 is incredible!  Today it is a forgotten book (though it shouldn't be).  It has a focus on evangelism, salvation, discipleship and sanctification.  We should encourage our young people especially to read it alongside good Bible study.

Kim will discuss with the girls certain biblical foundations, concepts and principles associated with that amazing allegory with the goal of discipling them into a deeper and practical understanding of salvation and sanctification.  Thanks for praying!
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The Urgency of our Commission!

“The Great Commission is urgent, calling to us for immediate attention, awareness and action!”
Pastor Roi Cruz of Emmanuel Baptist in Taytay.

I appreciated much last Sunday Pastor Roi‘s sermon from John 8:24, from which he put forth the Condition of Sinfulness, The Certainty of Separation, The Clarity of the Sentence and The Crucified Savior.  Pastor Roi, in his typical manner of exposition with heart-felt care,  explained well the urgent need of our witnessing the gospel to the lost.

Pastor Roi also emphasized that the Great Commission‘s urgency was initiated because of God‘s love for those who are destined to perish in their sins without the proclamation and reception of the free gift of the gospel.  Pray for those who heard this great message to be challenged and to respond.  Thanks for praying!
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Hell's Best Kept Secret!

We have been working our way through two training videos recently:  "Evolution vs. God" and "Hell's Best Kept Secret".  Since the audio quality is sometimes poor, or it is just way too noisy out on the main street and Jeepney station, I have transcribed a word for word manuscript from Hell's Best Kept Secret so that they can follow along easier.  In this way they will have something more for our discussions and upcoming test. 

Last week we watched the 2nd of 4 parts of Hell‘s Best Kept Secret. This recent part presented some great illustrations related to sharing the gospel and the tactic of giving the Law or 10 Commandments to those who are proud or mock.  But, we also discussed the need to discern when to share the grace of the gospel as a free gift and cure to those who are humble and who recognize their need of salvation and forgiveness.  We had good discussions afterwards related to mankind's need for healing from the "disease" of sin.

Following part 3, I was able to speak with them about the need to discern the teaching of false religions and cults and how they are presently affecting Filipino people and society.  I used my own experiences when as a college student and young believer I fell in with the Christian cult known as the World Wide Church of God. 

By God's grace and the testimony of my aunt at a critical moment, I learned of my folly in being involved with that church.  I saw the value of deeper Bible study and the place of discernment.  This personal testimony seemed to strike a chord  with my students.  Pray for them to learn some of these same things!  Thanks for praying!
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Mondays with my Brother Preachers!

We been spending time Monday nights to help enrich one another in this ministry. Having preached two Sundays ago on The Power to be a Witness from Acts 1:6-8, I received some good feedback from my brothers to help me. We also talked about our upcoming Walk Through the Pentateuch with the men of EBC beginning on September 16th to December.

Yutaka shared about the plan for teaching during EBC's Wednesday prayer meetings where the emphasis will be men in the Book of Acts who were empowered by the Holy Spirit for service. Some of the deacons will teach these as well and so pastors Vincent, Roi and Joe will coach them in their preparation for their upcoming message in the next months. Thanks for praying!
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New Website Name, New Emails!

We recently changed our website URL to www.EquipAsia.net

We have the same focus and vision for ministry and we are based in Manila, but things have obviously expanded.  We have come to realize that our graduates from the seminary are serving all over Asia as well as all around the Philippine Islands!

Also, Kim's work with MKs and Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) at Faith Academy helps to support ministry work all around Asia.   

Along with this we have established our ministry emails as: 
~  Robert@equipasia.net & Kim@equipasia.net

Please write to us anytime at these emails.  We always appreciate hearing from those who are a part of our support team, who are our senders and who are praying!  

In addition, you can follow us at the following social media:
~ Instagram: EquipAsia
~ Facebook:  @equipasia.net ; @ClarkPartners Alliance
~ Twitter:  Equip_Asia




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Investing in God's Redemptive Work!

WHY SUPPORT THE CLARKS & EQUIP?    Partnering with us by way of financial support, prayer and service advances God's redemptive work in the Philippines, Asia and beyond by:
  ~ Equipping & Training of future church leaders
  ~ Establishing & Fortifying of local churches and their pastors & preachers
  ~ Educating & Discipling of Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) at Faith Academy and
  ~ Encouraging & Cultivating biblically-based & practical ministry

You will thus be part of the team of churches and individuals who are helping us to fulfill the calling of "EQUIPPING TODAY THOSE WHO WILL SERVE IN CHRIST'S CHURCH TOMORROW!"

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The third-culture kids (TCKs) Kim teaches and disciples at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines and Asia.  

We need your financial and prayer support today!  Join us as one of our senders in fulfilling God's calling in the lives of those serving here!




Visit www.EquipAsia.net & Learn More!

The Philippine Islands are known as the "gateway to Asia". Well, in regards to the gospel being taken to Asia that could very well be true as many young Filipino men and women are preparing for ministry even as missionaries in other Asian countries.  

Since many of those who graduate from the seminary here are now serving around the Philippines, as well as throughout Asia and beyond, then it seems fitting to change our website name to reflect it.  They need our prayers!  We need to help prepare them.

It is titled EQUIP! since that is what we do, but also it is now known www.EquipAsia.net

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