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New Website Name, New Emails!

We recently changed our website URL to 

We have the same focus and vision for ministry, but it has expanded as we have come to realize that our graduates are serving all over Asia as well as all around the Philippine Islands!

Along with this we have established our ministry emails as: 
~ & 

Please write to us anytime at these emails.  We always appreciate hearing from those who are a part of our support team, who are our senders and who are praying!  

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Preaching the Gospel Conference

Michael Villanueva and I attended the Friday  messages delivered by Dr. Steven Lawson in Manila. Pastor Michael is one of my graduates now an intern at a church in Binan City, which sits just south of Manila in the Laguna area.  I was unable to attend the sessions on Thursday due to a touch of sciatica, which needed rest, but Michael went alone.

It was a full hall of preachers, and so, many preachers were challenged with biblical elements and concepts out of Romans 1-7 for preaching the gospel.  Please pray that the encouragement and training that Dr. Lawson brought to these pastors will be very stimulating to all those who attended and translate into regular practice of preaching the elements of the gospel. 

We also bumped into other seminarians and faculty from BBSI and graduates now serving in and outside of Manila.  We also connected with a pastor intern and another one of my graduates, Jerry Farocanag.  Jerry is serving in another location in Manila.  Others that we connected with are serving in places like Baguio City and Zambales.   Thanks for praying!
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EBC Preachers' Coalition

My brother preachers and I are gathering together on Monday nights to talk over the preaching schedule, a bit of evaluation of one another’s sermons and to encourage and pray for one another. I shared with them a bit about the highlights of the Preaching the Gospel Conference with Dr. Steven Lawson this last week. 

We always spend time in prayer and our gathering two Mondays ago was a special time, as the men belatedly celebrated my birthday, which was a blessing.  We spent time at the end praying for Pastor Erril who serves in the Floodway church plant.  He is a single pastor and teaches and preaches at everything there in Floodway.  Their church building was recently flooded to waist-deep, which was not good, but seems to be a regular occurrence. 

Last night, we also spent time talking over some future events and teaching at Men's League and coordinating this with an upcoming training event with the deacons and ministry leaders at EBC and its satellite ministries and church plants. 

The picture below shows me pointing to a visual "run-through" of the Old Testament and its key verses, key events, God-ordained principles and memorable characters and dates from Genesis to Malachi. 

I will be using this and other adapted  materials from "The Training Center, International", which is a 3-year, church-based seminary ministry training from our home-sending church, and in which I am now certified to use in training others. 

We will focus on the Pentateuch for 6 sessions from mid-September to December 2nd in training leaders at EBC.  The survey focus on these OT books will have the added attention given to practical ministry discussion as we help our people understand key ministry verses found in all of the books of the Bible and applicable in ministry situations. 

This Pentateuch training is essentially a trial run to see how best to train our people and their unique needs and help them improve their service. Thanks for praying!
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Challenging God's People to Make Disciples

The month of August has had a focus on the command of Scripture to become disciple-makers.  I was encouraged by Pastor Roi Cruz‘s sermon (seen in picture above) two weeks ago out of Matthew 28:19-20, where he challenged EBCers that a heavy portion of the Great Commission falls into the task of teaching. He emphasized that we, as His disciples, must serve somewhere, somehow and wherever that would be, we teach all that He has commanded us.

Among many other good things in his sermon, he said, “The teachings of Christ are not only for inspiration and admiration, but for obedience and submission.” Pray the Lord will continue to use this faithful brother to proclaim the truths of Christ‘s teaching and the gospel. Thanks for praying!

God is greatly glorified when sinners are graciously is God‘s message and our mandate to go and make disciples”.   Pastor Vincent Castillo (see pictures below) preached this at Emmanuel Baptist this last Sunday coming primarily out of the Great Commission verse Matthew 28:18-20. It was a powerful message for the EBC members to be challenged to consider their part in fulfilling God‘s command of making disciples.

For Pastor Vincent it was a monumental moment as the text and themes compelled him to speak some serious truths mixed with some important applications, especially for personal evaluation, and all of this saturated with love and concern for his fellow EBCers and followers of Christ.  Also Pastor Vincent's wife Cristia joined him to beautifully sing a duet entitled “Lord of All”. Thanks for praying!
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Items for Prayer

~ Pray for me as I prepare the training sessions for the Emmanuel Baptist Church Walk Through the Bible Training: The Pentateuch.  Starting date is Sunday afternoon September 16th.  There will be 6 sessions both survey and practical ministry in nature.

~ Pray for Kim as she begins to coordinate time with some of her students to walk through key principles and concepts of salvation and sanctification found in The Pilgrim's Progress, which is thoroughly based on Scripture. 

~ Pray for me as a group of pastors in the Laguna area of Manila would like me to come to them on a weekend in September to teach my Sufficiency of Scripture in Discipleship Seminar.  My contact there is Michael Villanueva, one of my graduates.




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Investing in God's Redemptive Work!

WHY SUPPORT THE CLARKS & EQUIP?    Partnering with us by way of financial support, prayer and service advances God's redemptive work in the Philippines, Asia and beyond by:
  ~ Equipping & Training of future church leaders
  ~ Establishing & Fortifying of local churches and their pastors & preachers
  ~ Educating & Discipling of Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) at Faith Academy and
  ~ Encouraging & Cultivating biblically-based & practical ministry

You will thus be part of the team of churches and individuals who are helping us to fulfill the calling of "EQUIPPING TODAY THOSE WHO WILL SERVE IN CHRIST'S CHURCH TOMORROW!"

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The third-culture kids (TCKs) Kim teaches and disciples at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines and Asia.  

We need your financial and prayer support today!  Join us as one of our senders in fulfilling God's calling in the lives of those serving here!




Visit & Learn More!

The Philippine Islands are known as the "gateway to Asia". Well, in regards to the gospel being taken to Asia that could very well be true as many young Filipino men and women are preparing for ministry even as missionaries in other Asian countries.  

Since many of those who graduate from the seminary here are now serving around the Philippines, as well as throughout Asia and beyond, then it seems fitting to change our website name to reflect it.  They need our prayers!  We need to help prepare them.

It is titled EQUIP! since that is what we do, but also it is now known

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