BBSI Board of Trustees Meetings; A Visit from a Team from Cambodia!
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BBSI Board Meeting!

As a new aspect of my ministry here, I count it a privilege to be a member of this group of men who make up the BBSI board of trustees. Last Saturday we met most of the day.  Not all members were able to be there, but still it was very productive and helpful to me personally. I now know better some of the things that are going on in the seminary ministry.  I am just now getting to know these men.  I want to know their collective vision and what barriers the seminary faces at present. 

Some decisions were made and others are pending on such projects as the renovations to the roof of the library building, structural challenges related to the oldest of the dorms and the need for larger cabinets in the men's dorm rooms. 

It is a tight budget year for the seminary as they were required to make new hirings of personnel last year due to the requirements of CHED.  CHED is the association, from which BBSI receives their accreditation. These new personnel hirings have been a very good thing in the long run, but it also hit the budget hard. 

Yet the Lord has provided every year and we are confident He will once again provide.  I am now assessing further what needs there might be which our supporters and friends might be able to support with monetary help.  I have been encouraged to get together with our new school IT director just to talk over some ideas on the school's online visibility.

I hope to share with you further information about the board's work together as we seek to make the school and seminary as effective as possible in our quest to train and equip seminarians for Christ‘s Church. Thanks for praying!




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Pastor Philip - Filipino Missionary to Cambodia!

“A church which has a heart and actions for the support of missions and missionaries means it has a heart for God, since that is His heart's focus as well”.

It was a special day at Emmanuel Baptist Church as a visiting team from Cambodia ministered to us in preaching, song and testimonies.  Pastor Philip Nierras preached and he is a Filipino missionary from Leyte Baptist Seminary who has served many years now in Battambang, Cambodia.  They have a church plant, a Bible school and outreaches via teaching English.

His team of Cambodian young people blessed us in song and testimony with one young lady sharing the way the Lord used Pastor Philip and his wife to lead her to faith, forgiveness and finding love in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In his message from Phil. 4:10-19 Pastor Philip spoke of truths surrounding giving to missionaries, namely, it is not just for the missionary‘s benefit but for the benefit of the gospel, it allows us to share in the missionary‘s burdens, it is an ongoing spiritual exercise of great opportunities, it is an act of worship and it allows us to experience the fullness of the promise of verse 19 that He will supply our needs according to His riches. Thanks for praying!
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A Gift from my Students!

I am very grateful for the students in my Christian Missions class who surprised me last week with this birthday gift. My birthday was last month and at that time they asked me for prayer items.  I gave a few to them and I think I jokingly said pray my voice holds out.

I have to practically yell at times to be heard over the jeepneys, horns, cars and sometimes hard rain downpours.  Sometimes I stop what I am teaching about just to say, "I'm sorry, I'm not yelling at you.  I'm yelling to be heard over the noise and I'm also pretty passionate about this thing I'm say right the way this sermon is for free!"  They laugh and then I start yelling again. 

Well, they decided to help me with this portable amplifier and mic for teaching. It works great! They even heard me clearly when whispering into it! I was touched by their generosity, but the note on the box from them was even more encouraging.

In addition, they bought me a combination laser/pointer and on the case they stenciled Philippians 1:3-6. I thank the Lord for them too every time I remember them and pray the same truths in that passage for them as well. Please pray in the same way for these future servants of Christ‘s church. Thanks for praying!
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Preachers' Coalition!

We would ask you to lift us up in prayer for the last quarter of 2018.  The focus for preaching and worship services will be "Adoring the Savior:  Offering Our Sincere Worship".  Pray for Pastors Roi Cruz, Vincent Castillo, Joseph Blasco, Yutaka Matsumoto and myself as we preach each Sunday from now until the end of the year from passages focused on our worship of the King of kings.  Pray too for Pastor Erril Zapanta (on left) who is preaching at the church plant at Floodway every Sunday and Wednesday nights.   Thanks for praying!




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Investing in God's Redemptive Work!

WHY SUPPORT THE CLARKS & EQUIPASIA.NET?    Partnering with us by way of financial support, prayer and service advances God's redemptive work in the Philippines, Asia and beyond by:
  ~ Equipping & Training of future church leaders
  ~ Establishing & Fortifying of local churches and their pastors & preachers
  ~ Educating & Discipling of Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) at Faith Academy and
  ~ Encouraging & Cultivating biblically-based & practical ministry

You will thus be part of the team of churches and individuals who are helping us to fulfill the calling of "EQUIPPING TODAY THOSE WHO WILL SERVE IN CHRIST'S CHURCH TOMORROW!"

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The third-culture kids (TCKs) Kim teaches and disciples at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines and Asia.  

We need your financial and prayer support today!  Join us as one of our senders in fulfilling God's calling in the lives of those serving here!





Visit & Learn More!

The Philippine Islands are known as the "gateway to Asia". Well, in regards to the gospel being taken to Asia that could very well be true as many young Filipino men and women are preparing for ministry even as missionaries in other Asian countries.  

Since many of those who graduate from the seminary here are now serving around the Philippines, as well as throughout Asia and beyond, then it seems fitting to change our website name to reflect it.  They need our prayers!  We need to help prepare them.

It is titled EQUIP! since that is what we do, but also it is now known

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