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Baptisms at EBC!

These 5 ladies took the step of faith and obedience to be baptized.  Having gone through a baptism and membership class in preparation, they then were welcomed into the EBC congregation as well with a special fellowship gathering around food and this special cake!  We rejoice in this special day for these ladies and their public proclamation of their new life in Christ. Thanks for praying!
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Beloved Brother & Fellow Missionary Now with His Lord!

We received word on Monday April 2nd that our beloved brother and fellow missionary John Dreisbach passed on to be with His Lord.  In the days following this surprising and difficult situation for all who know John and Libby, there were several viewing nights not far from Manila in Angono.  It was determined that the best thing would be to hold a memorial service on April 15th at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  It became apparent that a larger venue would be necessary.  Now the service is scheduled for the same Sunday afternoon at 2pm but at the chapel of the Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary just across the road from BBS&I. 

John and LIbby were just at EBC last month when Yutaka preached. They recently had a special day with the Matsumoto family for their daughter‘s graduation a week before his passing. Apparently he fell ill some time after a lunch with Pastor Roy Mapuan and his fiance Gina.  Pastor Roy is very close to John as is Yutaka.  You might remember that Pastor Roy lost his wife in 2016 while I was conducting an Approved Workman Training Seminar series over several weeks in his church in Baras. John was instrumental in giving me that ministry opportunity and a friendship with the pastors in that area which I hope will continue.

John was such a devoted missionary and used by the Lord to help many.  Most especially the Lord used his encouragements and teaching to help EBC make a turn around among the men in the years before and even after we arrived.  He never seemed threatened or in a hurry.  He met needs wherever he and his wife Libby went in the islands. From Faith Academy administration ministry to radio ministry to building ministries to compassion ministries (especially water filtration) to basic discipleship, mentoring and evangelism plus many others.  John seemed to do it all here in the Philippines!

Please pray for Libby, their family in the US and the brothers and sisters who have known him here.  It is possible I will have an opportunity to speak at this service and need prayers for that.  Thanks for praying!




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Last Class Before Graduation!

While I graded papers nearby, one of my Baptist History students, Pastor Honorio Limlingan took all of his tests at one sitting! Pastor Honorio appreciates the fact that we have God's people all over the world praying for him and his family and asks you to continue to pray for him. 

Pastor Honorio is a student with a special validation status as he is senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church near the international airport and was unable to attend classes during the semester.  But, through special assignments, he was able to finish the course.  Most of my students are in their 20s but Honorio is more my age with 2 adult daughters. 

Honorio has been at that church for 30 years now and has taken BBSI coursework along the way.  This Baptist History class is his last requirement for graduation! He passed my class with highest possible marks. Following his tests we had a great time talking about his church and family. Also we spent time talking about practical theology issues and those things common to every church which needs God‘s Word applied to them. Please pray for this 30-year veteran servant, shepherd and preacher and for his family. Thanks for praying!




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Just a Few More Training Resources Needed!

Our EBC Ministry Enrichment Seminar is now scheduled for May.  Here at the beginning of April, balikbayan boxes are being prepared by our good friends Jonathan and Jennifer Stout to send to us here.  It can take about 30-45 days to arrive.  We want to be ready to distribute them for the Ministry Enrichment Seminar. 

There's still time to help us with resources for these faithful servants of the Lord at Emmanuel Baptist their numerous ministry venues, please click the button below. 

Even if we end up with extras, its ok, because they will be distributed, used and useful for training God's people serving in many capacities.  So far our tally looks like this:
~  22 DONATED! = NKJV Holman Study Bibles (Large Print/Imitation Leather)
~  11 DONATED! = Spiritual Depression by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
~  22 DONATED! = Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, by Dr. Mark Dever

If you want to purchase any of these resources from Amazon without using the Amazon list we created, then you can just have the book or books you buy shipped to: 
Jonathan Stout, 38065 Murrieta Creek Dr., Murrieta CA 92562.

(PS - the Amazon list we created works best from a laptop/desktop browser or's having troubles from an iPhone).  Thank you for your help in training God's people in the Philippines!  




Partnering for a Generational Legacy!

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The missionary kids Kim works with at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines.  

Out of 2 Timothy 2:2 we find a premier passage related to passing the baton of ministry to the next generation... "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 

When you join us in prayer ministry and regular financial partnership, you are investing in a movement of equipping a new generation for Christ and thereby partnering in a legacy for future ministry in the Philippines and beyond. 

We are presently down in support by about 5% of our pledged monthly needs, which is common after arriving to the mission field again even after a long and fruitful furlough.  To invest in this work, simply click the button to go to ABWE's secure online donation page.  There you can arrange automatic monthly support.  All support donations are tax-deductible.

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