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Apologists in Training!

In Christian Apologetics last week we finished the “180 Movie” by Living Waters and the discussion about the abortion holocaust in view of biblical-gospel truth. It seems my students are more aware of the issue details than I anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise.

However, the connections about the sanctity of life and the gospel of grace and forgiveness seems to be something during witnessing which they need to improve.

The “180 Movie” certainly brings both of these together as a clear example and method of witnessing and persuasion without inciting emotional responses (most of the time). Thanks for praying!
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Apologetic Aptitude!

Meet my new friend and fellow apologist Jonas Badong.  Jonas and I are forming a new equipping group meeting on most Saturday mornings called “Apologetic Aptitude”. Jonas longs and prays for more opportunities to witness and give a ready defense to the hope that is within him. 

We intend to challenge one another in God‘s Word and mutually equip one another towards being able to give a ready defense to those who do not yet believe. Our group has already grown as Jonas has invited a friend, Christian, to join us.  We will probably meet again this coming Saturday and have discussions after having read, viewed or listened to certain resources.  Thanks for praying for us!





ANTS @ 20!

The youth group at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Taytay is having their 20th anniversary and this is their theme for the upcoming year. They are known as ANTS, which stands for Ambassadors Never Tire in Service.

We ask you to pray for Pastor Vincent and Cristia Castillo as they continue to teach God‘s Word to the youth.

This committed and loving pastoral couple continues to share Christ's truth and love with the youth of EBC and their friends as well.  They desire to lead them in the many ministries that ANTS is involved with throughout 2019. Thanks for praying!




Expository Apologetics!

We would ask you to be praying for our preachers at Emmanuel Baptist Church during the Monday night training known as EBC Preachers' Coalition.  It became obvious recently that one aspect of our time together needs to focus on apologetics and the Q&A part of sermon prep and delivery of expository sermons. 

Apparently our new found focus as a group of men striving to preaching expository sermons is finding fruit by producing members at Emmanuel Baptist who are trying to listen & learn in an expository manner.  They are asking deeper questions and seeking out biblical answers is all part of it. 

So, we would ask you to pray for us as we give attention starting in November to using Dr. Voddie Baucham's book "Expository Apologetics" and selected sermons online.  Thanks for praying!

PS - I will be preaching at EBC this coming Sunday on Hebrews 10:19-25 and would appreciate your prayers!




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Investing in God's Redemptive Work!

WHY SUPPORT THE CLARKS & EQUIPASIA.NET?    Partnering with us by way of financial support, prayer and service advances God's redemptive work in the Philippines, Asia and beyond by:
  ~ Equipping & Training of future church leaders
  ~ Establishing & Fortifying of local churches and their pastors & preachers
  ~ Educating & Discipling of Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) at Faith Academy and
  ~ Encouraging & Cultivating biblically-based & practical ministry

You will thus be part of the team of churches and individuals who are helping us to fulfill the calling of "EQUIPPING TODAY THOSE WHO WILL SERVE IN CHRIST'S CHURCH TOMORROW!"

The seminarians Robert equips at BBSI are training for their calling to serve in His church with excellence. The third-culture kids (TCKs) Kim teaches and disciples at Faith Academy need an education and to be challenged with the truth of the gospel, even while their parents serve in ministries all over the Philippines and Asia.  

We need your financial and prayer support today!  Join us as one of our senders in fulfilling God's calling in the lives of those serving here!





Visit www.EquipAsia.net & Learn More!

The Philippine Islands are known as the "gateway to Asia". Well, in regards to the gospel being taken to Asia that could very well be true as many young Filipino men and women are preparing for ministry even as missionaries in other Asian countries.  

Since many of those who graduate from the seminary here are now serving around the Philippines, as well as throughout Asia and beyond, then it seems fitting to change our website name to reflect it.  They need our prayers!  We need to help prepare them.

It is titled EQUIP! since that is what we do, but also it is now known as www.EquipAsia.net

Click on the righthand button to see my new ministry blog..."THRIVE!".




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