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Christmas is coming....
Christmas is coming....
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Christmas is coming...

On Facebook the other day, I saw where someone had posted a picture of a Christmas display that's already up in a major retailer. Hallmark released their Christmas ornaments this past weekend. Normally, I'd find it rather disgusting to start pushing Christmas when October has just begun. After all, we're still on daylight savings time, and I haven't a clue what I'll dress up as for Halloween yet -- and yes I will appear in costume at the CFAGO Spooktacular!

Because I work mostly with volunteer non-professional choirs, I have always had to think ahead in order to allow enough rehearsal time.
As I'm in my third year at Holy Redeemer now, I felt comfortable giving the choir a list of music from September to December at the beginning of the season. I even had music for the school Masses planned! Thinking ahead is normal. Having to celebrate ahead of time can be confusing.

Living in the future

In Albany, this reached an extreme when we were prerecording the televised Mass. I can't remember now if we taped Advent I during the middle of the Easter Season or if it was Lent I or Easter II during the week after Epiphany.  In either case, I had a severe case of seasonal whiplash that week. (The taping schedule was changed soon thereafter so we no longer had to go through such shocks.)
This summer, I was fortunate to be included as the choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe celebrated Christmas in July with a recording session.
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Director William Picher included my carol God, We Would Hear the Angels Sing in the line up for the Christmas with the Basilica Choir CD. I had my own summer Christmas celebration a couple of years ago when I set several texts by John Dalles. The Basilica Choir (then only known as the Shrine Choir) was kind enough to read through them one evening (read John's description of the evening here) and has slowly been performing them at their annual Christmas concerts ever since. While every parent knows it's not healthy to choose favorites among children, I will say that I feel like this is one of my better compositions, and I am delighted that it was selected for the CD.

Your turn

The Basilica Choir Christmas CD is scheduled for release soon. Mastering is almost complete and then production will begin. Here's your chance to live in the future: If you buy your copy of the CD now before it's actually been made, I'll give you a 20 percent discount. Reserve your copy now for $12 (normally $15), and I'll send it out to you as soon as it becomes available. This discounted priced will only be available as long as you join me by living in the future. Once I have the CDs in hand, the price returns to normal. You can view the complete track list and place your order here. If you are interested in purchasing scores, all of my settings of Christmas texts by John Dalles can be found here.

While I may not like retailers promoting Christmas so early, as it seems I've become one myself, I now understand how it can happen. Please accept my apologies for thrusting you into holidays ahead of schedule.

Wishing you all the best of the season,
Wm. Glenn Osborne

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