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My first year in Florida, I felt like we never had winter. We had moved down here from upstate New York in September, and it really never seems to get much colder. Slowly though, I know I adjusted to the new temperature range. While I might have had fun going to the beach in shorts and a t-shirt for my first Thanksgiving here, I've since had to pull out one of my heavier winter coats to go for a stroll on Thanksgiving when the temperature was only in the 50's.

I knew it would be colder in Nashville last week, but asking a Floridian to start a half-marathon when it is only 32 degrees outside is not what I expected.

Race Day

I had gotten pointers from some other friends for how to cope with the cold. Apparently may races will collect discarded clothing in order to donate them to a homeless shelter, so I wore an extra layer of warm clothing that I could shed as I warmed up. That never happened.

Even if I was a little warm during the race, I knew I would be very cold once I stopped moving, so I kept all my layers. I finished in just under three hours after walking probably the last four miles. I met my goal and am proud to show you my medal above, especially because it ties two areas of my life together: running and music.

Rutter Gloria

It seems my calendar isn't quite full as I was able to fit in another performance of the Gloria by John Rutter this Friday evening at St. James Cathedral. This will be my second performance of the work in under a month. I had a surprise request on a Friday morning to accompany the Brasilia Adventist choir the next day. It seems they had hired all the brass and percussion players, but had neglected to consider their need for an organist. As I always like to help out when I can, I was delighted to be able to play for them, but I am looking forward to Friday's performance with David Brunner and the choir from the University of Central Florida. I am always delighted to work with David, I'm sure you will be in for a treat if you are able to attend.

iTunes and Spotify

The Christmas with the Basilica Choir album is now available in iTunes and can be heard through Spotify. If you are a regular user of Spotify, I'd love to receive a confirmation from you that the album and my carol are there. I haven't had time yet to sign up and check it out.  If you'd prefer a real CD to send to some one as a gift, you can always order one from my website here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I skipped right over Thanksgiving and Halloween to let you know about the new Christmas recording, but as one of my favorite holidays, I couldn't let it go by without expressing my thanks to each of you for subscribing to my newsletter. Even if the story about the Pilgrims and Indians that we've been fed for so long is filled with errors, I am delighted that there is at least one day a year when we as a people take a moment to pause and be grateful. This is something we could and should do much more often.

Giving thanks for your interest and support,
Wm. Glenn Osborne

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