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Musical and non-musical talent
Musical and non-musical talent
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Normally, I've been trying to send out these email updates on Tuesday morning, but this past week has been filled with activities getting ready for the first meeting of the Central Florida chapter of the American Guild of Organists: CFAGO's Got Talent.

I can now safely report that the event was a wonderful success with an excellent meal prepared by the past dean -- I hope cooking is not the duty of all past deans or I'm in trouble next year-- and a delightful talent show of classical and humorous music performed by CFAGO members.


Many people believe musical talent is something that you either have or your don't have. I'm not sure I agree. I tend to favor more the idea that if one person can do it, I can too! I may not have the same facility or predispositions to enjoy the activity, but with practice and training, there's at least a chance I can learn the same skills and master them in the way that someone else has. It might take more time, more energy, and more focus, but with a goal, a plan, and a vision, we can accomplish much more than we often give ourselves permission to do.

For years, I was the nerdy musician with no athletic skills. This year, I set a goal of running a half-marathon by the end of December. So far, my longest run has been just over 5 miles, and I've covered over 285 miles in preparation to run 13.1 miles in one day. Am I a talented runner? I don't think so, but I have made great progress in learning a new skill and am changing how I view my athletic abilities. What talent do you have buried inside of you just waiting to be tapped?
I never considered myself a talented singer, but last night for the show, I ended up singing alto(!) with other CFAGO members and guests in a presentation of the weather report set to Anglican chant. You can hear the original Master Singers rendition on youtube below:
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Wishing you wonderful weather wherever you are,
Wm. Glenn Osborne

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