Make your Email Marketing Smarter with List Segmentation

guy segmenting his email listEmail marketing is a process from which you can benefit much more with proper list segmentation, which will in turn help you generate more revenue for your business.

One of the most important numbers in email marketing, is the size of your list. But size alone is not a metric that can predict how much sales will come from one email blast.

A lot of the times we can see people with fairly small lists doing well, and one of the things they all have in common is that they take the smart approach to segmenting their list.

When you segment your list properly, you will see benefits, no matter the size of your list. Lets discuss how to do that properly.

Big companies, like leading retailers in the world, segment their buyers wisely. They know precisely what their customers need, and most of the time, they are able to recover sails that would otherwise be lost.

You are also able to use some of that “big company” intelligence with Campayn and have top results, without spending top dollars!

What do I have to do to make my email marketing smarter?

There are many things that can be done, there are many services with advanced tools for automation, but using them can be pricey. The good news is that you may not need any of them to have good results.

When you segment your list correctly, you are looking at an increase of up to 30% in email open rates, and up to 50% click-through rates within emails!

With Campayn, you do not pay anything to access this awesome segmentation tool! It is worth taking the time to study and to get to know this tool so you can configure it properly, to ultimately get the best results.

Let’s focus on what you can do with Campayn to make your email marketing smarter, and your email list more responsive:

Demographic Segmentation

Segment your subscribers based on age, gender and location. That way, you can send offers specifically tailored to subscribers based in one region, or to subscribers of a certain age or you can send your emails only to males or females. You could even combine segments, and send an offer to only, for example, females aged 21 to 35, living in Toronto!

Active and inactive subscribers

Through the reports in Campayn, you can see who opened, clicked or had an interaction within your emails. This information is very important for you to know, as it tells you which subscribers are interacting with your email blasts down to the individual level.

Subscribers that don’t interact with your emails are called inactive subscribers. You can allow them to stay on your list and to continue to receive your emails, but you should interact with them in a different manner compared to the people that are clicking on your emails.

First thing you’d want to do is to separate inactive subscribers from the active ones through segmentation. So you can send different campaigns to both types of subscribers, and see how they respond to your offers.

Imagine if you had a lot of inactive subscribers on your list and you want to reestablish communication with them. You can try to offer the inactive subscribers a special deal or a larger discount code that they will not be able to resist.


Retargeting is an offer used term. It simply means that the subscribers that have shown some interest in one of your products, will continue getting emails about that particular product, until they decide to buy it! The term retargeting is often used in display advertising, but can also be adopted in email marketing.

Usually only a percentage of customers click on a link in your emails. In your Campayn dashboard you will be able to see all of the people that have “Clicked a link in the last email”. You can filter these customers – i.e you can put them in a segment, and later send a focused email blast or create a whole email campaign which you would send only to that segment of your list.

Keep in mind, these subscribers have already shown interest in the product by clicking on a link in your email that led them to that product or a product category, so the chances are much higher that they will end up buying one of the items from that specific category.

Hopefully, this article has helped you grasp the importance of list segmentation, and what it can do for you. If you have any questions, just ask – we are happy to answer them!

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